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Providing Scanning Services and Complete Document Imaging Systems to Alaskans

Paperwork!   It's a problem, which we are all too familiar with, and one that continues to grow each day.  At some point, every company will face the dilemma of what to do with all of its stored documents. 

How will you're company handle this proccess?   There is a solution to this problem.  A custom designed records management system from ScanFile of Alaska.

By taking advantage of our extensive technological and hardware resources will save you thousands of dollars in time and equipment.  Utilizing our experienced staff of imaging professionals, you will get your job completed right the first time and avoid unexpected labor cost overruns.

Assigning ScanFile of Alaska the responsibility of scanning your stored files, you also avoid the productivity losses inherent in placing additional workload on you busy employees.  In general, we can reduce storage space requirements by 90% or better and boost an organization's productivity by providing nearly instant access to any specific documents. 

Our software is used to provide practical indexing methods that can be customized to make filing simple, and effective for your specific business.  Y
ou decide who has access to specific information, along with the ability to audit who accessed it!
Compatiable with a variety of document scanners, and/or copiers allowing images to be captured from a variety of sources.  The software includes an image viewer loaded with tools to allow your staff to find and use your business information
in a fast, efficient manner.

ScanFile of Alaska makes it simple to have an entire file room available without leaving your desk!

Let us know how we can help your records management process,  give us a call

Business Hours:

Monday - Friday 8:30am to 5:00pm

Office: 907-338-SCAN



Gain back your office space by eliminating the filing cabinets and boxes of documents

Get faster access to vital information without leaving your desk

Keep confidential business information confidentialy secure

Cost and space savings

Customer satisfaction!